What to Do If the AC Unit Stops Working

During the summer months, it is important to stay cool, especially if the home has small children, pets or elderly peep living in it. The regulated temperatures are necessary for them to keep from getting ill, and homeowners count on their AC units to keep the climate comfortable inside their home.

But when the power goes out or the AC unit malfunctions, then measures need to be taken to ensure that the house can still remain cool. The first order of business, if the unit is at fault, is to call for air conditioning repair in Myrtle Beach, SC immediately. Homeowners need to get that unit back working as soon as possible. If the power is out, then they can call the power company to find out when the power is expected to return.

Once the correct service company has been called, then homeowners can open up windows and turn on some fans, if they have power. They may even want to open up doors to get some cool air flowing through the house. Even if the weather outside is hot, the shade the house provides should keep the air that flows through the home cooler than standing outside in the heat.

Curtains and interior doors can be opened as well to allow for the greatest airflow throughout the house. If most of the people in the house will only be in a single room or two, those two rooms can be sealed off from the rest of the house and fans can be set up in there to keep cool air flowing at all times.

It’s also important to stay hydrated, so homeowners should ensure that they are drinking plenty of liquids. Their body may not be used to the heat, and it is vital that they replace any lost water during times of intense heat.

Anytime an AC unit stops working, it is imperative to call for repairs right away. And homeowners in Myrtle Beach can find a service company that can help them through the site air conditioning repair in Myrtle Beach. To prevent the unit from breaking down in the first place, however, they should have their unit checked every 6-12 months and check the filters every month.